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Meet the Team 

We like to run our business like a family where every customer feels like they have a friend showing up to help them with their home projects. We want you to be more acquainted with our family.

Bill Sr. Billsr@busellisolutions.com 

Starting a business takes some courage. Building a business for over 35 years takes integrity and perseverance. Born and raised in NEPA, he continues to work hard as a valuable asset in the business specializing in heating and plumbing was we serve Wayne, Pike, and Sullivan Counties

Bill Jr.  Bill@busellisolutions.com

After Serving our country in the United States Army, Bill Jr decided to come back home to raise his family with his high school sweetheart. Not only does he love the area, but he also gets to serve his neighbors with his focus of HVAC, Ductless Heating and Cooling, as well as plumbing. 

Blair    Blair@busellisolutions.com 

The area needed a solar professional, so why not fill that void. Leading the areas solar industry for over 10 years he has the certifications to get the job done. He now gets to take that experience with him and his wife overseas to help on mission trips in some pretty remote places. In addition to solar, he specializes in electrical and generators to help power your home anyway possible. 


A transplant who just couldn't get enough of the beautiful area he loved to vacation in. After all, isn't that the reason you are here too? He is one of our experienced lead electricians who prides himself on professionalism. He is a great asset to the team. 


Part of the beauty of our area is the fresh foods we are offered through out local farms. When Colin isn't providing quality HVAC and propane installations for our clients, he and his wife are running an exceptional local dairy farm that supplies milk, eggs, and some fantastic ice cream. 

An Established Local Company for the Past 25 Years

Electrical Lic#M-387

Water Pump Lic# NYRD10684
PA Sunshine Approved Solar Contractor