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About Us

About Us

    As an established local contractor since 1984, Buselli Plumbing Heating and Electric has been providing installations, sales, and service for the past 30 years. Serving the counties of Wayne, Pike, Sullivan and beyond, we have achieved customer satisfaction as a primary goal. We developed a reputation for installing plumbing, heating, and electrical systems that do more than work correctly, but appeal to all aspects of comfort and relaxation. Buselli Plumbing Heating and Electric is a professional company attending to the needs of Pennsylvania and New York, guaranteeing the same dedication to the renewable energy industry today and in years to come!



Providing Residential and Commercial Service

Solar Photovoltaic (Electric)

  • · Grid Tie/Off Grid
  • · Roof Mounts/Pole Mounts
  • · Roof Ventilation

Solar Thermal (Hot Water)

  • · Radiant Heating
  • · Water Heating
  • · Pool Heating

Solar Air Collectors

Plumbing Systems

  • · Hot Water Recirculation
  • · Energy Star Water Heaters
  • · On-Demand Tankless Water Heaters

Heating Systems

  • · Radiant Floors
  • · High efficiency Gas Boilers
  • · Energy Star Oil Boilers
  • · Heat Pumps
  • · Air Conditioning
  • · Wood Pellet Boilers and Furnaces
  • · Outdoor Wood/Coal Boilers

Electrical Systems

  • · Service Upgrades
  • · Generator Panels
  • · Whole House Installations

Water Pumps

Water Tanks

Backflow Prevention Installation and Testing


An Established Local Company for the Past 25 Years

Electrical Lic#M-387

Water Pump Lic# NYRD10684
PA Sunshine Approved Solar Contractor